No matter how diligent and careful they are, experienced real estate professional know that threats of lawsuits are a fact of life. With so much at risk for buyers and sellers, the number of details involved in every sale, and the upsurge in frivolous lawsuits, real estate agents and brokers are keenly aware of their risk. Compounding their fear is the high cost of hiring an experienced real estate attorney, which puts skilled legal counsel out of reach for many.

At RERM, we conquer the challenge by providing affordable legal services for real estate professionals and their buyers and sellers.

Total Protection System

RERM is a group legal service plan, as defined by the State Bar of California. That designation allows us to provide affordable access to a network of licensed real estate attorneys who can protect you from litigation and safeguard your reputation. Legal services can include consultations, document reviews, responsive letters, dispute resolution, and more. Total Protection System members also receive annual training and are able to offer our Buyer & Seller Legal Protection Plan to their clients.

Buyer & Seller Legal Protection Plan

Available through real estate agents and brokers, our buyer and seller plan delivers peace of mind by providing transactional, nondispute legal advice before, during, and after the close of escrow. The plan also provides professional mediation services for any disputes affecting the property after the close of escrow. Agents who offer the plan to prospective buyers or sellers gain an important advantage over the competition. As an added benefit, the plan covers real estate agents, brokers, buyers, and sellers for a modest one-time fee paid at the close of escrow. If escrow fails to close, there is no fee for services provided.

Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability) Insurance

As every real estate professional knows, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be sued; it’s only a matter of when. In a world where frivolous lawsuits are a fact of life, no real estate agent is immune to lawsuit threats for real or perceived mistakes. As specialists in real estate E&O, our sister company, Real Estate Risk Management Insurance Services, will help you secure the coverage you need to preserve your peace of mind.

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