Established as a sole proprietorship in 1987 and incorporated as a privately held corporation in 1994, we provide legal services to the real estate industry through the group legal services (GLS) plan designation, as defined by the State Bar of California. As a GLS plan, we maintain a network of more than 400 attorneys who provide affordable legal consultation, document review, legal defense, and other legal services. In addition, our certified mediation experts provide dispute resolution services to help our clients avoid litigation.

Our goal is to take the worry out of doing business in a highly litigious environment so that real estate agents and brokers can focus on finding more clients and close more transactions. We do this through a comprehensive approach to legal care:

At RERM, we take our job seriously. We know that when you call us, it’s because you’re concerned about a legal threat and need immediate attention. That’s why your call will always be answered by a person, never by an automated phone system during normal business hours. Our active involvement and personalized care ensure you receive responsive action so that you can get back to the business of selling.

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