Total Protection Service 

When faced with a dispute or threat of lawsuit, real estate agents and brokers have traditionally paid to retain an attorney at an hourly rate. The median hourly rate is $350 at smaller, less experienced firms and $450 an hour at larger, more experienced firms. Unfortunately, this conventional hiring model puts a strain on every real estate professional and places legal representation out of reach for many.

At RERM, we’ve replaced that traditional model by creating a group legal services (GLS) plan, as defined by the State Bar of California. Under our GLS plan, Total Protection Service members have access to our staff of professional mediators and a network of more than 400 attorneys built over more than three decades. 

In 2020, we had a 99% success rate at stopping threats
of suit from becoming lawsuits.

We created our affordably priced plan in 1987 to help real estate professionals avoid lawsuits, resolve disputes without litigation, and prevent E&O insurance claims. Today, we continue to meet those original goals with an ever-expanding attorney network and zero-deductible services* that include:

  • Attorney consultations on any real estate transactional question
  • Emergency legal advice and document review on a threat of suit
  • In-office consultations for threats of lawsuits
  • Responsive letters to eliminate potential lawsuits
  • Mediation and arbitration services
  • Commission collection assistance
  • Deposit dispute resolution
  • Small claims court counseling and appeal representation
  • E&O insurance deductible coverage up to $10,000 per lawsuit
  • Human-rights complaint defense
  • IRS audit defense for brokers
  • Defense of complaints involving state and federal agencies, including the California Department of Real Estate and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Representation before associations or boards of REALTORS®
  • Motor vehicle violation defense
  • Reduced fees on other requested legal services

*All services require pre-approval and have certain limitations and restrictions, which are clearly defined in our group legal service plan agreement.


Our risk management plans can work with E&O insurance from any provider, as well as with self-insured plans and asset-protection plans.

Did you know? Combining E&O insurance with our Total Protection Service can significantly reduce the cost of your E&O insurance. That’s an important benefit that our clients say they appreciate. Ask us how it works.

Buyer & Seller Legal Protection Plan

Total Protection Service members can also offer our Buyer & Seller Legal Protection Plan to their clients for a nominal fee. The plan provides transactional, non-dispute legal advice before, during, and after the close of escrow. It also provides lifetime mediation services for any disputes affecting the covered property that arises after escrow closes.

Risk-Management Training

Total Protection Service members also benefit from training that educates them on avoiding common pitfalls that lead to lawsuits and spotting potential issues before they develop into problems.