Real Estate Risk Management Total Protection System

Total Protection System

The Total Protection System Has a 96% Success Rate!

Real Estate Risk Management’s Total Protection System works to resolve disputes without litigation. Our focus is on prevention. The Total Protection System’s time tested methods historically resolve 96% of the disputes that could lead to litigation.

During a dispute, the Real Estate Broker and Agent would normally retain an attorney at $200 to $400 per hour. However, as a member of our risk management program, these legal fees and court costs would be paid according to the listed plan benefits.

When a threat of lawsuit arises, Real Estate Risk Management pays for additional legal services, which are designed to stop the threat and eliminate the possibility of a claim on your E&O policy. The value of Real Estate Risk Management’s Legal Services to resolve a dispute or threat of suit is $2,300. The Broker and Agent would have paid this “out of pocket” if they did not have our coverage.

When the Broker and Agent are named in a lawsuit, Real Estate Risk Management pays legal fees and court costs to meet the E&O deductible, up to $10,000 per lawsuit. Our zero deductible proactive legal defense program provides Real Estate Brokers and Agents with “Legal Peace of Mind”. Our goal is to help you prosper by keeping you legally healthy and out of court so that you can continue selling “America’s Dream”.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

The Total Protection System can protect your Errors and Omissions Insurance by stopping a threat before it turns into a claim and we can keep the cost of your Errors & Omissions insurance down.  An added benefit is the ability to keep your deductible at a reasonable level, making it easier for you to recruit and retain valued agents.   Plus, Real Estate Risk Management Insurance Services, Inc. is a licensed insurance broker in California, Nevada, & Arizona.  We can assist you in finding a competitively priced Errors & Omissions policy designed to meet your individual needs.

Why You Need the Total Protection System

The moment you’re named in a lawsuit, you will lose as much as two months of productivity and related earnings.  There is also the untold damage to your professional reputation.  It is estimated that the average Real Estate Agent will be sued twice during their career.

Because of the litigious climate you may experience “legalized extortion” and loss of productivity while dealing with clients’ problems and complaints after the close of escrow.  Disputes between the Buyer, Seller and the Agent that go unresolved can lead to a complaint to the Bureau of Real Estate. This could result in thousands of dollars in legal expenses and the possible restriction or revocation of your Real Estate license. 


The Total Protection System offers:

“All Services are Zero Deductible”

  • Legal Consultation, document review and “Patriot Missile” letters to eliminate Threats of Suit!
  • Mediation, arbitration, litigation and legal representation.
  • E&O deductible coverage up to $10,000 in legal fees and court costs. B.R.E. legal protection.

  • In addition, there are legal and dispute resolution benefits for your buyers and sellers, including:

  • Legal counsel and document review prior to the “close of escrow” with no prepayment of fees.
  • Dispute resolution and mediation services, after the close of escrow.

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Note: All Services must be preapproved and have limitations and restrictions. Please see the Group Legal Service Plan Agreement.

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“We are always impressed with the speed and thoroughness with which you “tackle” the issues that arise in our business from time to time, and are appreciative of your efforts expended and results obtained on our behalf.”

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