Real Estate Broker and Agent Protection Plan

Professional Benefits
Total Protection System

For the first time in the history of organized Real Estate, Independent Contractors will now be provided with the very best legal representation available anywhere in the United States at any price. This protection is available in conjunction with Real Estate Risk Management’s “Deductible Plan & More”, Professional coverage AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!
Lawsuit Prevention Services
  • 411 Consultation with Attorneys on any Real Estate Questions
  • 911 Legal Advice and Counsel and Document Review on a Dispute or Threat of Suit
  • In-office Consultation for “Threats of Suit”
  • Responsive Letters Proven to Eliminate Potential Lawsuits
  • Commission Collection Assistance
  • Small Claims Court Counseling and Appeal Representation
  • Reduced Hourly Fees
  • Real Estate Buyer and Seller Legal Services & Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Services & Legal Defense
  • Mediation Services
  • Lawsuits & Mandatory Arbitrations

Additional Professional Protection
  • Human Rights Complaint Defense
  • IRS Audit Defense (for Broker)
  • Department of Labor Defense
  • First Dollar Legal Defense for Self Insured Plans
  • BRE, HUD and all Federal or State Regulatory Agencies
  • Board of Realtors’ Hearings, Arbitrations and Mediations

Additional Coverage
  • Lawsuits Excluded by E&O Insurance
  • Past Acts Coverage

Includes Personal Benefits


Note: All Services must be preapproved and have limitations and restrictions. Please see the Group Legal Service Plan Agreement.

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“RERM took my case and kept in constant contact with me. They went out of their way to correct the situation. It took several months to resolve and without their support, I would have given up.  I just can’t thank RERM enough.”

Wahid Saleemi
Canoga Park, CA