Real Estate Brokers and Agents Total Protection System Personal Benefits

Personal Benefits
Total Protection System

For the first time in the history of organized Real Estate, Independent Contractors will now be provided with the very best legal representation available anywhere in the United States at any price. This protection is available in conjunction with Real Estate Risk Management’s “Total Protection System”, professional coverage AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!
  • Personal sale of residential property owned by the Agent or Broker
    Payment of legal fees and court costs in the event of a lawsuit, equal to the Agent’s or Broker’s E&O Insurance deductible ($10,000 maximum per lawsuit). E&O exclusion coverage is included in the Broker Plan Agreement.
  • I.R.S. Audit Appeal Defense
    Payment of up to ten hours of a tax attorney’s fees for a hearing before an I.R.S. Commissioner, Referee or Judge. (Coverage begins with the year 1998.)

  • Motor Vehicle Violation
    Payment of up to five hours of an attorney’s fees for a moving violation in which, if convicted, the Broker or Agent would have their driver’s license suspended or revoked (D.U.I. first offense only).
  • Personal threat of suit, mediation, arbitration, small claims court lawsuit or civil lawsuit
    One half hour of legal advice and counsel per legal matter and up to a 25% rate discount for all legal service will be provided after the initial consultation.

Real Estate Risk Management and their panel of attorneys may not be able to provide services on all legal matters. If this happens we will refer our member to proper legal counsel if possible.

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“I really appreciate RERM’s advocacy and am grateful they were handling my case. I do not believe it could have been handled any better. Thank you for the great service.”

R.C., California